Jesus Christ Appears Unto the Nephite People

The thirty and third year had passed away, and the people began to look or the sign which had been given by the prophet Samuel the Lamanite concerning the resurrection of the Savior.

Jesus Christ Appears unto the Nephite People

Jesus Christ Appears unto the Nephite People

And in the thirty and fourth year, there arose a great storm, such a one as never had been known in all the land. And there was a great and terrible destruction; for the whole face of the land was changed.

And when the thundering, and the lightning, and the storm did cease there was thick darkness upon the face of the land. And it did last for three days that there was no light seen; and there was a great mourning among all the people continually.

And thus did three days pass away. And it was in the morning, and the darkness dispersed from off the face of the land. And now there were a great multitude gathered together of the people of Nephi, round about the temple which was in the land of Bountiful; and they were marveling and wondering, and were showing one to another the great and marvelous change which had taken place.

And while they were thus conversing, they heard a voice as if it came out of heaven; and they cast their eyes round about, and they did look steadfastly towards heaven from whence the sound came.

And behold, the third time they did understand the voice, and it said unto them: Behold my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name — hear Him. And behold, they saw a Man descending out of heaven; and He was clothed in a white robe; and He came down and stood in the midst of them; and He stretched forth His hand and spake unto the people saying: Behold, I am Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testified shall come into the world. And I am the light and the life of the world.

Abridged from the Third Book of Nephi






In the words of the Artist:

“The pinnacle of the Book of Mormon is portrayed in the next work,  JESUS CHRIST APPEARS UNTO THE NEPHITE PEOPLE. Here we witness a glorious scene fulfilling the words of prophets and holy men from all the ages past; the sublime climactic event of the Book of Mormon. It is after the three days of darkness and the terrible destruction upon the whole face of the land that now the darkness lifts, a divine voice is heard, as the figure of the glorified resurrected Lord descends from heaven to an awestruck multitude below.
It is truly the time foretold. Here I sought to express in paint the transcendent spiritual glory of the wondrous thing that happened there that day. I painted the divine figure so high in the air to fulfill the written description, and yet small enough to avoid any criticism of trying to paint a likeness of the risen Lord.”  Arnold Friberg

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